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1969 Gilbern Genie Invader RHD 1:43


Product Description

(c) 2013 Actual Car Shown

Year: 1966 to 1973
Exterior: Red - Most likely
Scale: 1:43
Marque: Gilbern
Manufacturer: Automodello

When you think of stylish sports and GT cars you immediately think of Wales, right? Well, perhaps not—unless you were one of the thousand or so who owned an example of the only Welsh automotive marque of note: Gilbern. In production from 1959 until 1973, Gilbern produced just three models—the last and most successful of which was the Invader. A 2+2 coupe powered by a 3.0L Ford Essex V6, it was launched in 1966 with suspension bits sourced from an MGB, and later switched to Ford Cortina suspension for the Mk III to facilitate a wider track. The Essex V6 was good for 140hp, giving the car very respectable performance, and a host of upscale luxury-oriented features including power windows and an automatic transmission were available.

Like previous Gilberns, the initial version of the Invader was available factory-built or in component form that owners could assemble—and customize—to their personal tastes. The Mk III was the exception; this final version of the Invader bowed in 1972 and was only available fully built. Craftsmanship was well-regarded considering its extremely small production volume and the modest facilities from which it hailed (the headquarters in Glamorgan, in the South Wales, has sometimes been disparagingly characterized as a cluster of shacks more than a proper factory!) Still, the car show no ill-effects for that, and it was in demand even at its £2,700 sticker price right up until Gilbern closed its doors.

Automodello, purveyor of rare and remarkable vehicles that have gone under-recognized and under-represented in the diecast community brings the Gilbern Invader to precision 1:43 scale. It depicts the earlier Genie version with the narrower track, signified by its lack of fender flares. It comes in and will be limited to no more than 499 units. Congratulations on adding this stylish and unique GT to your 1:43 collection!


Gilbern cars were made in Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales between 1959 and 1973.

Gilbern Sports Cars (Components) Ltd was founded by Giles Smith, a butcher, and Bernard Friese, a German engineer with experience in glass fibre mouldings, and was one of the few cars to be made in Wales. Friese had made a one-off car for himself and the two partners used this as the basis for the first Gilbern car. The premises were a tiny workshop in Church Village, Pontypridd but when production started the business moved to a new location at the old Red Ash Colliery at nearby Llantwit Fadre. The cars were available at first only as kits but later complete cars were also available.

The name, Gilbern, was a combination of the first three letters of the name of founder Giles Smith and the first four letters of the name of his co-founder Bernard Friese.

The Gilbern Invader, introduced in July 1969 and based on the Gilbern Genie but with improved chassis and larger brakes. The front suspension now came from the MGC and the chassis was strengthened. It took the brand further up-market with fittings such as electric windows and walnut-veneered dashboard. The Gilbern Invader was available as a complete car and from 1970 an estate version (aka Shooting Brake, or, station wagon to Americans) was also produced. Automatic or manual transmission with overdrive were available. It was updated to the Mk II version in 1971.

Launched in September 1972, the Gilbern Invader Mk III version had a Ford Cortina front suspension and was restyled front and rear. The engine was the higher tune unit from the Ford Capri 3000GT. The body was produced using new moulds and was both wider and lower than that of the earlier Invader. Track was extended by four inches (10 cm). The wider axle led to wheel spats being added to the sides of the car. At the back the live rear axle was located by trailing links and a Panhard rod: adjustable shock absorbers were fitted all round.

Gilbern ceased production in 1973 after a change to the UK's tax laws.
Source: Wikipedia

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1969 Gilbern Genie Invader RHD 1:43

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