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Yugo 45

Yugo 45

Manufacturer: IST
Unit of Measure: 1
Price: $29.95
Retail: $34.95
You Save: 14%
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Exterior Color: Red
Scale: 1:43
1980's: 1980
Brand: Yugo
Status: Last Chance
In Stock: Yes

The Zastava Koral, also known simply as the Yugo, was a subcompact car built by Zastava corporation. The first Yugo 45 was handmade on 2 October 1978.

The car design was based on the mechanics of the Fiat 127, under license from Fiat, with a modified body style. The Zastava Koral was sold with an updated design, priced at about 350,000 dinar (3,500 euro, 4,300 USD), until 11 November 2008, when production stopped with a final number of 794,428 cars. The Yugo entered the United States by means of Malcolm Bricklin, who wanted to introduce a simple, low cost car to that market. In total 141,511 cars were sold in the US from 1985 to 1991, with the most American units sold in a year peaking at 48,500 in 1987. 1991 sales were only 3,981 cars.

Source: Compiled from Wikipedia

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