Diecasm Payment Plan
Diecasm Payment Plan for all Automodello™ Resin Art™ models.

  1. Select and purchase an eligible model.
  2. During checkout select Check or Money Order as the payment method.
  3. Complete your order and receive your order number.
  4. You will receive an invoice for your 1st payment which will include the following:
Automodello ScaleNumber of PaymentsTerms
1:123, 5 or 10Per Diecasm Payment Plan invoice
1:243 or 5Per Diecasm Payment Plan Invoice
1:433Per Diecasm Payment Plan Invoice
    1. If there are non-Automodello models in your order, these will be added to your 1st payment and shipped when available, no additional shipping will be assessed.
    2. Your last payment will be due when you receive your Automodello model:
      1. If any Payment is late, then Payment-In-Full is required prior to your Automodello model being shipped.
      2. Payments received after the 10th of the month are considered late and you may be invoiced 25% of your remaining order balance as a late fee for each occurrence; and, payments received within 60-days may result in order cancellation, 50% cancellation fee and reduction in your refund.
    3. There is no penalty for Payment-In-Full ahead of schedule.
    4. Initial invoice will be sent via email (preferred) or postal mail.
    5. Shipping via FedEx to US address, or, via USPS to PO Box and International addresses only. Signature required on all shipments.

All US payments for the Diecasm Payment Plan is by check made payable to “Diecasm, LLC” and mailed to the address on the invoice, or, by PayPal per the instructions on your Diecasm Payment Plan invoice. International payments sent by check drawn on US bank account in US dollars, or, by wire transfer per the instructions on your Diecasm Payment Plan invoice with a $26.00 fee per wire transfer.

For the most current details, please see our Policies.