Diecasm is the corporate parent to Automodello™ 1:24, 1:43 and 1:12 scale models. Diecasm selects complimentary brands and their models in 1:43 and 1:18 scales from Avenue43 / Autocult, Brooklin, CMR, KK, Matrix, Minichamps and Replicarz. Diecasm continues to evaluate new complimentary brands and other quality hand-built brands.

Especially for 1:24 scale collectors, Diecasm buys 1:24 Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, CMC and Minichamps collections. If you have a 1:24-focused collection to sell or are looking for a particular Danbury Mint or Franklin Mint piece, let us know.

Diecasm was originally conceived by a collector who works extensively with nonprofit organizations throughout the US and Canada, helping each to better steward their resources. In this work, one consistent issue was always “finding the unfound”.
In other words, once someone knows a nonprofit organization exists, they are more likely to learn about the nonprofit organization and their work, and this may spark donations. Knowing that nonprofit organizations need to “find the unfound”, how then to best find them?

After extensive research, there seemed no simple formula to buy a product which in turn resulted in a donation being made to your chosen nonprofit organization. There are commercial ventures which promise to donate small amount which are significantly less than the nonprofit actually receives.

Diecasm makes it simple for everyone:

  • Buy one of the models listed under NonProfits tab.
  • Each model will show the NonProfit Contribution as a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the model price.
  • Select the type of NonProfit you'd like to give to or select a specific NonProfit from the current NonProfits list. Or have Diecasm select the NonProfit for you.
  • Let us know which nonprofit you'd like to see benefit in the Comments from those listed.
  • That’s it!!!

Want to make a bigger donation, buy more products. This is Diecasm: bringing collectors and nonprofit organizations together by bridging the gap between collectors and nonprofits.

Don’t see products you want, let Diecasm know and we’ll research availability and then look to special order them for you.

Diecasm Contact Information
Phone: 877.DIECASM (343.2276) | US and Canada