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Press Release January 1st 2022
- Diecasm has acquired FactoryFlawed.com, associated domains, selling platform and related assets. Under Diecasm, Factory Flawed will continue to sell "flawed" items.

Factory Flawed gives many manufacturers, builders and dealers (known as "Originators") in the automobilia space an opportunity to sell items which are not "perfect" or perhaps not selling well. It will also give buyers the opportunity to buy at a significant discount.

Flaws may include distressed paint, missing parts, scratches, dents, stains, patina, etc. or simply FISH inventory (First In Still Here). The Originators do not tell Factory Flawed what the flaw is, only that the item is designated as flawed, and, Factory Flawed will not try to diagnosis the flaw either...you'll find out when you get the actual item.

Each Factory Flawed listing will include a link to the Originator website which may have a complete description of the product and the product's selling price on the Originator's website. Prices shown on Factory Flawed are only available on Factory Flawed and not on the Originator's website.

Originators include Coterie Press, Dalton Watson, Ferrari Literature, Harrell's Miniatures, The Finish Line and many others. Interested in selling some of your distressed or tough to sell automobilia items, or, have a suggestion for another Originator, please email factoryflawedstore@gmail.com.

Factory Flawed purchases will be shipped by the Originator or by Diecasm.